Wednesday, May 20, 2009

12000 Days Old

So a couple days ago I was on this really cool new website called WolframAlpha. I know, super strange name. Anyway you can type in almost anything and it will give you what it thinks is relevant information. So I typed in my birthday. In addition to telling me the sunrise was 6:23 am and 51.91% of 1976 had elapsed the day I was born, it also told me I was exactly 12000 days old. 12000 days old! On the dot! Crazy I know.
I'm grateful to have been blessed to live through 32.88 trips around the sun, 12000 sunsets that I’ve all too often missed. It really got me thinking about what I want to do with my next 12000 days if I'm so lucky to have them. It seems like the days are long but the years are fast. I know my first 12000 has gone by quickly and they seem to be speeding up. I have a renewed determination to make my next 12000 count.

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Tiffany Sommer said...

cool post! Thanks for the birthday info ... i dont really like being 11000 of anything especially days old.

hope the flight was good :)