Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Road Warrior

That's what they call guys like me, road warriors. Don't get me wrong, I like being referred to as a warrior, it's just that most days I don't feel like one. The job did seemed really glamorous before I had it, but the reality of Airports, Hotels, loneliness, separation anxiety from my dog, all take a toll. However, now that I think about it, I'm sure warriors didn't feel like warriors most of the time either. But at the end of the day they held the title of "Warrior". Now whether it was the title or not, there was something that kept them going day in and day out. So it is with me. There alway is something that keeps me going. I wish I could say it was a grand ideal or lofty vision, but it's not. Those things are there and they do help, but really it's a jumbled collage of greed, honor, selfishness, pride, power, desire to give, desire to have, and on and on. They all play their part in the daily maelstrom of thoughts and actions that make up my struggle to succeed at my career as a "Road Warrior".


jaimey said...

I'm going to call you "R Dub" from now on. For short. Nate Dogg R Dub. :) I definitely admire the drive in you . . . you inspire me with how focused you are and how you go after the things you want. I know you'll get them; it's just a matter of time . . . Oh, and welcome, by the way, to the world of blogging. You make a very nice addition. :)

Stephanie said...

Hey babe... Yay! We blog, we're bloggers! Mister "Road Warrior," your dream is coming true with your focus and determination, you've wanted this for as long as I've know you. Although it brings trials your strength through it all amazes me. I'm excited to see where you are 5 years from now.